Gimai Seikatsu


Yuta Asamura, a high school student, decided to live as a brother and sister under one roof with Saki Ayase, the most beautiful girl in her grade, after her parents remarried. The two, who have seen the disagreement between their parents and have a cautious sense of value in the relationship between men and women, promise to maintain a proper sense of distance without too close to each other and without conflict. Saki, who is hungry for the love of her family and has made efforts to be lonely, does not know how to treat others, and Yuta is confused about how to relate to her brother. The two, who were somehow similar to each other, gradually felt comfortable in their lives with each other … This is a story that may lead to love someday. A love life novel that describes the days when the relationship between men and women who were red strangers gradually approaches and slowly changes.

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